We have used basalt fibres from Technobasalt-Invest LLC Ukraine for the past several years with great success in our UHPC and FRC concrete mixtures. Their basalt is of high quality and consistent, which ensures the quality of our final products. We have completed many iconic projects using Technobasalt fibres. The technical service and after-sales support we receive are always excellent and I have no hesitation in highly recommend their company and products as first-class vendors.

Charles Phelines, White Cube Holdings

Our company has two years of experience in cooperation with Technobasalt-Invest, LLC. We have started as a general purchaser and moved to Class A distributor status.
Why did we decide to cooperate with Technobasalt-Invest, LLC? This company guarantees timely delivery of high-quality products, favourable pricing policy, qualified technical support.
We have a positive experience of working together, we are confident in the longevity of our successful cooperation, so we strongly recommend using the products and services of Technobasalt-Invest, LLC.

Izolbudpostach LLC
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