In view of the ban on asbestos-containing products in the EU countries, there is a sharp question about its replacement with material that has similar characteristics in operation. Basalt fiber is an environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic product that does not require disposal. In turn it.
It has proven to be better than fiberglass in many applications. Basalt fiber is already widely used in production of jamming systems and protective panels by some large automobile concerns.

The main advantages of using basalt fibers in the automotive industry:

  • The materials are absolutely non-combustible, when heated they do not emit harmful emissions and can be used at temperatures up to 600-700 ° С.
  • Low hygroscopicity, 6-8 times lower than that of fiberglass. Therefore, only thermal and sound insulation materials from basalt fibers are traditionally used where low specific gravity and hygroscopicity of such materials are important.
  • High resistance and durability to alternating loads. Profile plastics – rods based on continuous basalt fibers after many years of operation and exposure to alternating loads practically have no signs of fatigue failure cracks and other signs of failure.
  • High compatibility with other materials: metals, plastics, plastics. This opens up a broad perspective for the production of a whole range of new composite materials: cellular structures, fiber-reinforced plastics, protective coatings, etc.
  • The ability to produce materials and products using various technologies: moulding, cold stamping, spraying, drawing and other technologies that do not require significant energy costs, the so-called “cold technologies

Reinforcement of brake systems by Ukrainian and foreign companies (we do not announce company names at client’s request)

Technical requirement: 

replace asbestos in brake pads, the use of which is prohibited in the world.

Products used – Basalt Fiber (RBR-16-T5/5, RBR-18-T5/12).

The use of basalt fiber has allowed manufacturers not only to replace asbestos and maintain the technical characteristics of the product but also to extend the service life by 1.8 – 2 times. Basalt fiber guarantees good friction contact with metal, higher and more stable coefficient of friction, extended range of working temperatures, improvement of shock resistance, resistance to chemical-aggressive environment, low hygroscopicity, environmental friendliness, best value for money.