How to use basalt fiber?

Basalt fiber for roofing, boat building, basalt dome and other ways of using this eco-building material.

Basalt fiber is undervalued building material. Nowadays it becomes popular in the building world. More often you can find opportunities to buy basalt fiber wholesale. Because there are different ways of using basalt rock fiber. However, the low price gives more possibilities for testing basalt fiber production.

There are many basalt fiber applications nowadays. You can find different ways of using this building material. It has all the abilities of fiberglass with a lot more straight. This is a good choice for composites applications – for example, fiber reinforcement.

Basalt reinforcement

Basalt rebar is an amazing product for concrete reinforcement. Its characteristics prove it. Its weight is less than steel rebar and the level of strength is perceptibly higher. That’s why it is profitably to use reinforcement in concrete.

One of the main advantages is that basalt fibers are not toxic to water or air. So, it will not react with any of the components of concrete. It also never corrodes and helps prevent cracking of the cement from the start. The improvement in mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistant properties creates conditions, which is a very important point that guarantees a high-quality level.

Basalt fiber for boat building


It also can be used as ballistics and protection material. So, basalt fiber-based materials are waterproof. It gives an opportunity to making products that can have contact with water for a long. A high level of protection makes boats bulletproof and eco-friendly. Basalt rock saves our nature in contradistinction to fiberglass that’s have a lot of chemicals in structure. Moreover, it is about 10 times stronger.

Certainly, it is a profitable choice for boat manufacturing companies.

Basalt dome

Basalt fiber is suitable for constructions of any complexity. Basalt dome is one of the most indestructible building systems in the world. Its withstanding category-five cyclones and hurricanes (which is actual for USA and Australia citizens). It is also protected from termites and other insects cause of reinforced concrete. Basalt fiber dome is waterproof, soundproof, and fireproof and has resistance to earthquakes.

The advantage of this innovative construction is that you don’t need to have any building experience. All these characteristics prove all benefits of choosing basalt fiber as a main well-tried building material.

Basalt fiber for roofing

Basalt fiber-based products also using for roofing plates manufacturing. The benefits of sound and thermal insulating materials produced from chopped basalt fiber include the stability of geometric and physical properties. That’s why any natural disaster will not be dangerous for basalt fiber-based roof decking.

Basalt reinforcing meshes

Basalt mesh is a modern material that is made of non-metallic fiber. It makes the structure of building more strong. The characteristics of this innovative building material are better than its steel alternatives.

There are is lightweight, resistance for aggressive environments, and temperature changes, and the best price. Basalt mesh is cheaper than steel mesh.

You can use this kind of basalt-based product for construction roads, hydraulic structures, aerodromes, etc. It also uses for reinforcement and reinforcing floors in living areas. Simple installation makes this material comfortable in use. Besides, the life span of basalt-based mesh is over 80 years. This is more than the fiberglass reinforcement time of use. All these properties are providing unique technology.


So, here you can find 5 ways of using basalt fiber and basalt fiber-based materials. There are different ways of using this building material. It can be basalt reinforcement, basalt dome, basalt reinforcing meshes. Basalt fiber can also use for boat building and roofing.

There are many advantages to using basalt fiber:

  • low price; 
  • high level of protection (water-, fire, and soundproofing);
  • mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant;
  • eco-friendly building material (not toxic to water or air);
  • lightweight  (less than steel rebar);
  • high level of strength;
  • prevents cracking of the cement;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • protection from termites and other insects;
  • multifunctional application.

This is the main property of using basalt fiber, instead of other kinds of fibers. But you can try to use it and find much more profits. This product becomes more and more popular, so many companies start to use this building material in their projects. 

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