Tehnobazalt Invest attended the Composite Ukraine Conference 2020

Jan 22, 2021 | News

On February 13, 2020, the first Ukrainian Composite Conference was successfully held at Grand Admiral Resort & SPA.

The importance of composite materials in the world is exponentially growing. Today we would like to share with you information about a very important event for the Ukrainian composite sphere. On February 13, 2020, the first Ukrainian Composite Conference was successfully held at Grand Admiral Resort & SPA.

This event has also become one of the key ones for our company. We had a possibility to share our experience, demonstrate our successful achievements, as well as learn about new products offered by domestic companies in this field.

The topic of basalt fiber was covered by two speakers: graduate student of the NTU Yevgenii Plaziy and a leading researcher of the bridge condition management department, professor, Ph.D., honoured scientist of Ukraine Koval Peter.

Yevgenii Plaziy spoke about increasing asphalt pavement durability on transport structures by means of adding basalt fiber. We consider the work in this area extremely important in the territory of our country because the solutions we offer will help not only improve the production infrastructure but also will give the possibility to use budget funds allocated for capital repairs more rational.

According to a study (has been conducted for 8 years, starting from 2011) at Yangzhou University of China, it was shown that basalt fiber increases:

– resistance to fatigue cracking of asphalt concrete in 2 – 8 times;

– resistance to crack formation at low temperatures by 15% – 25%;

– resistance to rut formation by 20% – 40%.

Although we do not have such long experience in conducting research, we, together with the Transport University, have been able to achieve significant results as well. The fiber, that we have developed for asphalt concrete reinforcing can reduce rut formation by 30%, increase crack resistance, increase resistance to landslides and road durability.

Peter Koval spoke about the researches and prospects of using basalt composite rebar in bridge construction. And this topic, as you may know, is also extremely acute and relevant in our country.
So what were the main conclusions?

New solutions of scientific and technical task on the experimental and theoretical study of strength, stiffness and fracture toughness of concrete and fiber reinforced concrete beam structures of bridges reinforced with non-metallic basalt rebar were obtained and the following conclusions were made:

1. Experimental data on possible types of fracture of basalt-concrete bent elements reinforced with basalt rebar were obtained: as a result of the breaking-up of the composite reinforcement and as a result of the fragmentation of the compressed zone. The dependence of the type of destruction on the coefficient of longitudinal reinforcement was established.

2. The possibility of applying the calculation method of reinforced concrete bent elements according to the norms of bridges designing DBN V. 2.3–14:2006 to the calculations of concrete and fiber reinforced concrete bent elements with basalt rebar with their optimal reinforcement (simultaneous fracture over a compressed and elongated zone) was experimentally established.

During the conference, there was expressed the opinion about the importance of creating an Association of Composers of Ukraine. We fully support this initiative and look forward to the soonest possible implementation of the project.