Affiliate program

We develop strong relationships with customers, distributors, construction companies, designers and other parties involved. We invite you to cooperation!

It’s easy with us

What type of company might be interested in partnership
with Technobasalt-Invest, LLC

Distributors of building materials

Retailers of steel, concrete, and other building materials

Manufacturers of spare parts, equipment and different products made of composite materials

Consultants and Manufacturers of composite material

Independent builders, construction, and road construction companies

Design offices and design organizations

The list is not exclusive. Call us. We are open to dialogue.

Partnership with Technobasalt Invest 

We value our partnership and keep our word.

Excellent conditions

  • Consistently high-quality products.
  • Good price.
  • Timeliness of deliveries.

Great service

  • Technical support.

  • Promo support.

  • Training.
What forms of cooperation does Technobasalt-Invest, LLC offer

Evaluate your capabilities to help businesses around the world get better products, using Technobasalt® fiber, roving, and rebar.

A referral partner can be any company or person who recommends, promotes and sells Technobasalt® products

Referral partner

Use the material offered by us for your purposes and to improve the quality characteristics of finished products. Get an edge over your competitors.

A technological partner can be a company that develops innovative products based on basalt materials.

Technological partner

Tight and mutually beneficial cooperation with a high level of sales will bring you the best commercial offer from our side. In addition, if all contractual conditions are fulfilled, you will receive an additional bonus of a class “A” distributor.

Distributor class "A"

Launching a distribution program will provide you with many advantages — a good price, staff training, marketing support and assistance in organizing trade business processes.

Distributor of class "B"

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