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Basalt. What is it?

Basalt is an igneous volcanic rock with normal alkalinity series. It predominates among other volcanic rocks and makes up about 80% of the earth’s crust.

However, despite its widespread occurrence, even in the form of open columns and entire mountains that emerge on the earth’s surface around the globe, there are only some basalt deposits on our planet, which can be used as a raw material for continuous basalt fiber production. Our company uses such a unique deposit as a source of raw material for basalt fiber manufacturing.

We manufacture our products from continuous basalt fiber of the highest quality:

  • Technobasalt® Fiber
  • Technobasalt® Rebar
  • Technobasalt® Roving

We owe the origin of our enterprise to the space program of the former USSR, within the framework of which research was carried out to develop materials that can withstand the most difficult conditions  – the highest static and dynamic loads caused by the influence of an external vacuum and launching rockets, as well as extremely low and high temperatures of space and incandescent gases of the atmosphere. At the same time, the material had to have high thermal insulation properties, be lightweight and very durable.

This material turned out to be basalt.

Basalt in detail

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Application of basalt reinforcing materials Technobasalt®

Completed projects

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Florida, USA

  • Reconstruction of the bridge.
  • Reinforcement with basalt rebar and basalt fiber reinforced repair mortar.
  • High strength characteristics corresponding to the project with improved durability were achieved.

Logistic center Nova Poshta

Chernihiv region, Ukraine

  • Construction of an industrial floor
  • Complete replacement of rebar by adding basalt fiber to concrete. A high economic effect has been achieved while maintaining the design characteristics.

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