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Description and basalt roving range, also known as basalt or stone thread. We provide prices upon request

Basalt roving is a bundle of continuous unidirectional complex basalt fibers. Roving has high natural strength, resistance to aggressive environments, long service life and excellent electrical insulation properties. In terms of its technical characteristics, basalt roving surpasses S-glass and E-glass in many respects, and is not much inferior to carbon. Basalt roving is extremely heat-resistant: the temperature range for long-term use is from –260°C to +680°C. It can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C for a short time.

Basalt Roving | range

Technobasalt® Roving

Roving marking:

Technobasalt® Roving RB-16-T8/1250


RB — basalt roving;

16 — the diameter of the monofilament (μm);

Т8 type of lubricant;

1250 — linear density of roving (tex).

Basalt roving is manufactured in the following size ranges:

  • by the diameter of the monofilament: 9/13/16 microns;
  • by its density: from 330 to 4 800 tex*.

* Tex is the density of the roving, expressed as the weight in grams of 1 kilometer of thread.

Different types of sizing (reagents) are used depending on the intended application of the roving.

Roving is delivered in bobbins with internal or external unwinding, with or without a spool.

Technical information

Basalt roving:

Diameter of filaments (GOST 6943.2-79) d0 = 9/13/16 microns

Linear density (GOST 6943.1-94) ρ = 130–4800 tex

Breaking load (GOST 6943.10-79) Rc = 50–76 cN/tex

Tensile strength σ = 2900–3200 MPa

Monofilament module of elasticity E = 84–87 GPa

Ultimate elongation at break ε0 = 0,016

Thermal expansion coefficient:

  • α0-100° = 0,0000065
  • α100-200° = 0,000009
  • α200-300° = 0,000012

Thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0,31–0,38 W/(m·K)

Operating temperature T = –260…+680°С

Humidity (GOST 6943.8-79) W > 0,2%

The type of sizing (lubricant) is selected depending on the area of ​​the end application (GOST 6943.8-79)

Unwinding (DSTU GOST 166-89 ISO 3599-76): internal / external

Bobbin weight (GOST 6943.8-79) m = 1–10 kg

The reagent (sizing, lubricant) is a technological oily liquid used in the technological process for the production of threads connected into basalt roving.

The type of lubricant is selected for the specific needs of the customer (technology and applications) and is regulated by GOST 6943.8-79.

Basalt fiber Technobasalt® is manufactured in full compliance with TU U V.2.7-26.8-34323267-002:2009.

The company applies a management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.


Basalt roving:
uncopyable competitive advantages

Basalt roving is multifaceted

Basalt roving is widely used. People wind pipes and barrels from it, make wind generator blades, propellers for boats, use in spray application, in the manufacturing of refractories, pultruded products, basalt fabrics, plaster and nets, car bodies and interiors, boats and yachts, high-pressure cylinders, artificial rattan furniture, filters of treatment facilities, etc.

Basalt roving has unique properties

  • High mechanical strength, corrosion and chemical resistance to alkalis, acids, and other aggressive media.

  • High frost resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance.
  • High sound absorption.
  • Ability to filter aggressive substances.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Resistance to salt seawater.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Dielectricity and diamagnetic.
  • Environmental friendliness.

Basalt roving is the best substitute for fiberglass

Having higher strength and less brittleness, basalt roving easily replaces glass fiber, thus ensuring the reliability and durability of finished products.

Basalt roving is a great alternative to carbon fiber (carbon)

Basalt is slightly inferior to carbon in terms of modulus of elasticity, but it is more resistant to point impact loads, less brittle and, unlike carbon, is a dielectric. In addition, basalt, unlike carbon fiber, has a much higher fire resistance.


of basalt roving

Coiled pipes
Coiled pipes
Spray application
Spray application
Pultruded products
Pultruded products
Basalt fabrics
Basalt fabrics
Plaster mesh
Plaster mesh
Blades for wind generators and propellers
Blades for wind generators and propellers
High-pressure cylinders
High-pressure cylinders
Car exterior and interior elements, headliner
Car exterior and interior elements, headliner
Artificial rattan furniture
Artificial rattan furniture
Military-industrial complex
Military-industrial complex

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