Reinforcing materials made of basalt

Technobasalt® is a large global brand of basalt fiber, rebar and roving


Technobasalt® Fiber

Increases the strength of materials by more than 30%

Technobasalt® Rebar

An excellent alternative to traditional steel rebar

Technobasalt® Roving

Continuous basalt monofilaments connected in a non-twisted thread

Technobasalt® products

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Technobasalt® Fiber

It is an effective reinforcing additive for concrete, asphalt, resins, plastics and other materials. Fiber is a short piece of basalt continuous fiber (diameter of monofilament is 9/13/16 μm). Basalt fiber increases the strength of ready-made product, for example the strength of concrete can be increased up to 55%.


Technobasalt® Rebar

Basalt rebar is a composite material that has high strength (3 times stronger than steel rebar and has a bit lower strength than carbon fiber) and absolutely corrosion resistant.


Technobasalt® Roving

Basalt roving is a basic raw material for production of various reinforcing and heat-insulating materials. Rowing is a non-twisted continuous thread, which consists of fibers of small diameter (9/13/16 μm) and linear density that ranges from 330 to 4800 tex.


Technological adaptation

We adapt basalt materials to the technological requirements of the customer. For example, we have special lubricants for fiber, that guarantee better adhesion with the reinforcing material mass.


Commercial service


Technical support

We provide various consultations in order to optimize the project andimprove the technological regulations. None of the questions remain unanswered. Depending on the level of complexity, our technical specialists (technologists, laboratory assistants, participants of the production process) are involved in the process of issue solving.


Joint projects

We are always ready to work together on complex projects in order to get the best results when using basalt reinforcing materials. Such projects include both technical (aimed at the development of technology or the manifestation of the synergy effect when using basalt materials, as a component along with other materials), and joint commercial projects.


Commercial support

You can always get the necessary advice on purchasing Technobasalt® products in the sales department. We create individual support programs for distributors.



Technobasalt Invest cooperates with numerous transport companies, which allows to guarantee timely delivery at reasonable prices.

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Technobasalt® Products

Basalt fiber

  • Increases strength.
  • Increases reliability.
  • Increases durability.
  • Gives either short-term and long-term economic effect.

Basalt rebar

  • Increases durability of reinforced concrete designs, provides their resistance to aggressive environments.
  • Gives economic effect.

Basalt roving

  • High-modulus material that perfectly replaces fiberglass and is a good alternative to carbon fiber.
  • Unique technical characteristics.

New developments

Technobasalt Invest is currently at the final stage of creating an innovative product, the presentation of which is scheduled for 2021.


Our company has two years of experience in cooperation with Technobasalt-Invest, LLC. We have started as a general purchaser and moved to Class A distributor status.

Why did we decide to cooperate with Technobasalt-Invest, LLC? This company guarantees timely delivery of high quality products, favorable pricing policy, qualified technical support.

We have a positive experience of working together, we are confident in the longevity of our successful cooperation, so we strongly recommend using the products and services of Technobasalt-Invest, LLC.

Izolbudpostach LLC

We have used basalt fibers from Technobasalt Invest LLC Ukraine for the past several years with great success in our UHPC and FRC concrete mixtures.

Their basalt is high quality and consistent, which ensures the quality of our final products. We have completed many iconic projects using Technobasalt fibres.

The technical service and after sales service we receive is always excellent, and I have no hesitation and highly recommend their company and products as first-class vendors.

Charles Phelines

Partner, White Cube Holdings


Frequently Asked Questions


Fiber. What it is?

Fiber is a piece of complex fiber of a predetermined length. The most well-known types of fiber at the market are basalt, steel, polypropylene, copolymer, and fiberglass.


Basalt rebar. What it is?

Basalt rebar is a load-bearing rod with a continuous spiral rib, formed by winding a basalt strip moistened with a high-strength polymer compound. Basalt rebar is a composite material which has unique qualities provided by the basalt fiber


What is the operating temperature range of basalt reinforcing materials?

The operating temperature range for basalt fiber and basalt roving is from -260 to + 680ºC. For basalt rebar the temperature ranges from -70 … to + 160 °C.


Which countries does Technobasalt-Invest cooperate with?

The sales geography of basalt products is very wide. Technobasalt-Invest, LLC supplies its products worldwide. For today, it’s 54 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia.

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