Our response to COVID-19

Jun 20, 2020 | News

In the light of worldwide concern about the pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID 19), Technobasalt-Invest, LLC is doing its best to steadily take on the challenge and accurately coordinate the work of the entire enterprise.

The health and well-being of each of our employee is of top priority for us, therefore we have made every effort to safeguard all the employees. At the same time, we understand the importance of ensuring the financial stability of each employee during this period of trial, so measures are taken with all factors in mind.

Company employees, who can do their work from home have been transferred to a remote form of work. The work of the plant specialists involved in the continuous production was coordinated in such a way as to minimize the possibility of virus infection: each worker was provided with protective masks, antiseptics, and the number of employees was reduced to the maximum permissible on the total area of the enterprise. We monitor the health of the plant employees every day.

We have been working on a reputation of company which guarantees timely supplies of high quality products and are pleased to announce that at this difficult time all our customers are provided with products according to pre-agreed schedules.

We also believe that nowadays it’s important to support the areas that are directly wrestling the virus, so we have provided the best possible assistance to the hospital in Slavuta city, where the facilities of Technobasalt-Invest, LLC are located.

For more information, contact info@technobasalt.com