Revolutionary packaging for Technobasalt® basalt fiber

Jul 7, 2021 | News

From the very beginning Technobasalt-Invest has been introducing innovations in the field of construction. We are moving in the chosen direction, and as we take care of the consumers we have developed a revolutionary packaging for basalt fiber. We aimed to make it more convenient to use.

This package is designed primarily for the use in villa construction and has an optimal capacity of 1 kg of basalt fiber.

The packaging is a doy-pack made of two-layer polyethylene, which is recycled according to the usual procedure. Due to the high packing density, the fiber does not penetrate by piercing the polyethylene, which guarantees comfortable use and reliable storage of the product. The package has a transparent window and a transparent bottom so that the user can see the fiber itself.

An important aspect is the presence of a quick lock (zip lock), which provides reliable storage of unused fiber for subsequent mixing (it is assumed that mixing takes place in a small mobile mixer). The top edge of the package is sealed for extra protection and as a precaution against fiber spillage during transportation. For extra convenience, we have applied a special laser notch between the sealed edge of the package and the zip lock, which allows you to easily and quickly tear off the top before use and speed up the preparation of fiber.

In addition, the new packaging has become much brighter and contains all the necessary information for the proper use of fiber.

Doy-pack is not a new packaging, but we are the first company to use it for a high-tech product, which is basalt fiber.

We hope that the new packaging will fully satisfy your needs.