Industrial floors in “Nova Poshta” logistics center

Technobasalt® Fiber was used as the main reinforcing material in the construction of industrial floors in “Nova Poshta” logistics center in Chernihiv

  • Period: 2020
  • Type: idustrial floor

About the project

In 2020, during the construction of a new logistics center for the largest national operator for prompt delivery of goods at the market, “Nova Poshta”, Technobasalt® basalt fiber was used. It was the main reinforcing material of the industrial floor.

It was a pioneering and innovative project in the field of industrial flooring. The essence of the innovation was the complete replacement of a two-layer Ø12 mm with a pitch of 200×200 mm (both layers) steel reinforcing mesh for the basalt fiber reinforced concrete. The proportion of basalt fiber is 3 kg / 1 m³ of concrete. The total industrial floor area is 2,700 m².

The customer received significant budget savings while maintaining all the strength properties of the floor provided for in the design documentation. Additionally, the resistance of concrete to aggressive environments and the appearance of microcracks increased. Risk of corrosion was eliminated due to the complete absence of steel reinforcement, which increased the estimated life of the structure.

In addition, they replaced the previously planned cement paving slabs with a cement-concrete road reinforced with Technobasalt® fiber in the access area and loading and unloading areas. This made it possible to reduce the cost of the road surface by one and a half times while improving its operational characteristics.

The following reinforcing additives were used in the project: Technobasalt® Fiber RBR-18-T10/24 and Technobasalt® Fiber RBR-18-T10/12.

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