Technobasalt® crash test. Basalt fiber reinforced concrete strenght test

Basalt fiber adds +55% of strength to the concrete!

You can run this test over. Technobasalt-Invest can provide basalt fiber to real construction companies to conduct their tests. For this purpose, fill out the contact form.

Procedure of test conduction.

We made two identical batches. Both mixtures were made in a ratio of sand to cement 3:1. To one of the mixtures we added basalt fiber in the proportion of 1 kg of fiber per 100 kg of cement. Then we added water and mixed thoroughly.

We poured the obtained sand-cement mortars into pre-prepared molds with dimensions of 40 cm x 100 cm and 4 cm thick. Subsequently, we allowed the solutions to harden under normal conditions.

After 28 days (after complete hardening of the cement), we conducted a crash test of the obtained plates. The crash test was performed at living environment so that after seeing it, everyone could repeat this test on their own. We loaded the slabs with cement bags (25 kg each) and bar discs (weighing 10 kg).


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