Construction of parking lots at the Boryspil airport

Application of Technobasalt® fiber as for the strength increasing of industrial floors in the modern terminal D of the Boryspil airport

  • Period: 2010-2011 / 2018-2019 гг.
  • Type: industrial floors

About the project

Terminal D of Boryspil airport is the main terminal. Serves international, domestic flights and VIP passengers. In 2014, the terminal was expanded and domestic flights were transferred to it.

At the end of 2008, began the construction of Terminals D (officially opened on 28 May 2012) and F (officially opened on 31 October 2010). In 2018, a railway line was built. In December of the same year a passenger line from the airport to Kiev was opened. On May 23, 2019, a multi-level car park was opened at Terminal D.

The Technobasalt, LLC company supplied the fiber, which was used to reinforce the coatings of indoor and outdoor parking lots, as well as for driveways.

Other implemented projects

Burj Khalifa finishing panels

Burj Khalifa finishing panels

The strength of the interior panels of this magnificent tower, named after the President of the UAE Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zayed Al Nahyan, was provided by Technobasalt® fiber.

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