Basalt rebar in Lira CAD-2018

Mar 10, 2018 | News

We are glad to inform our partners and customers about the introduction of our company’s products in the LIRA-SAPR software package, that is a popular software tool for design of building structures.

In LIRA-SAPR 2018 you can analyse RC sections with FRP basalt bars according to DSTU-H B V.2.6-185:2012. Analysis of reinforcement is carried out according to DBN B.2.6-98:2009.

In analysis of reinforcement, the following classes of PRB bars are used: ANPB 800 and ANPB 1000, they may be used as longitudinal reinforcement.

Thus, the use of basalt products from the Technobasalt brand has become even more convenient and easier for our valued customers and partners.