Basalt materials application

Recommendations for the use of basalt reinforcing materials in various technologies



Reinforcement with basalt fiber and rebar in industrial and civil construction


Reinforcement of cement-concrete and asphalt-concrete pavements with basalt materials


The use of basalt materials in the production of various compositions and products

Application of basalt fiber, rebar and roving

Construction technologies

Industrial floors

Production workshops, logistics centers, parking lots, overpasses, warehouses, screeds, etc.

Critical concrete pavements

Arrangement of floor coverings for critical infrastructure facilities, platforms, and helipads.

Foundations and walls

Reinforcement of strip foundations and concrete walls.

Facade reinforcement system

Arrangement of ventilated masonry facades made of bricks and blocks.

Water infrastructure facilities

Reinforcement of berths, piers, ports, docks of sea and river infrastructure.

Strengthening of coastlines

Reinforcement of embankments, strengthening of coastlines, anti-landslide structures.

Protective coating of concrete substrates

Shotcrete and spray application.

Reconstruction of objects

Repair and reconstruction of objects of historical heritage, architectural monuments, both above ground and underground.

Reinforcement of underground utilities

Strengthening of tunnels and platforms of the subway, channels of underground communications, storm drains, etc.

Application of basalt fiber, rebar, and fiber granules

Road technology

Cement-concrete road surfaces

Reinforcement of cement-concrete pavements, driveways, open warehouses, loading and unloading areas, airfield runways, etc.

Asphalt-concrete road surfaces

Reinforcement of asphalt-concrete road surfaces — roadbeds of highways, highways, access roads and sites.

Bridge building

Construction and restoration of bridges, overpasses, viaducts, etc.

The use of basalt materials in the production of various materials and products

Manufacturing technologies

Concrete structural products

Reinforced concrete panels, foundation blocks, wells, concrete fences, etc.

Products from perlite-concrete and expanded polystyrene-concrete

Various concrete products with fillers.

Heavy-duty concrete architectural products

Stairways, curly elements, etc.

Dry mixes

Reinforcement with basalt fiber of mixtures for masonry mortars, glue mixtures, etc.


Plaster nets and geogrids for wall and pavement reinforcement.

Military-industrial complex

Manufacturing of products with high specific characteristics.

Pipes and barrels

Production of pipes and barrels by winding basalt roving.

High-pressure cylinders

Production of high-pressure cylinders by winding basalt roving.

Friction materials

Basalt fiber for the production of various brake pads, linings, and discs.

Reinforcement of profiled high-modulus elements

Reinforcement of wind turbine blades, propellers, etc.

Elements of car bodies

Reinforcing fillers for the formation of hulls and interior elements of cars, boats, and yachts.


Reinforcing materials and decoration of artificial rattan furniture.

Reinforcement of refractories

Reinforcement of refractory bricks, blocks, etc.

Construction 3D printing

Reinforcement of raw materials for printing structural products on special construction 3D printers.

Reinforcement of drywall

Improving the strength and fire-resistant properties of gypsum plasterboard products.

Varnish and colorful products

Reinforcement of varnishes, paints, protective resins and mastics.

Reinforcement of polymers

Reinforcement of various polymers to improve the consumer properties of the final product.

Extrusion products

Manufacturing of various extrusion products with a reinforced layer

Sound absorbing fillers

Sound-absorbing filling of mufflers made with basalt roving.

Needle-punched mats

Basalt fiber for the production of needle-punched mats.

Basalt fabrics

Basalt roving for the manufacturing of fire-resistant and high-strength fabrics.

Industrial roving filters

Technical Basalt materials for industries.

Filters for sewage treatment plants

Various basalt roving fillers.

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