Basalt fiber on the Road Industry Innovation Portal

Apr 28, 2021 | News

We thank GosdorNII for the trust and high opinion of our products.

Road construction in Ukraine is one of the priorities for economic development. Today we are witnessing the emergence of new road technologies and the creation of an accompanying information infrastructure. In December 2021, the State Enterprise “GosdorNII” (“State Road Research Institute named after M.P. Shulgin”), the leading national research institute in the road sector launched the Road Industry Innovation Portal.

This web portal is an information resource containing a list of modern materials and technologies, as well as advanced design solutions for these materials’ application. The portal is useful when choosing effective technical solutions for the design of new constructions, as well for overhaul or maintenance reconstruction of the road surface.


Basalt fibers for asphalt and cement concrete roads are among the first publications of the Road Industry Innovation Portal. Reinforcement of roads with basalt fiber is an important innovation that supports to increase the maintenance-free service life of the road surface up to 30%, increases its overall quality, enhances resistance to deformation and weathering. This improvement in the roads quality and durability leads to strategically high economic efficiency and a significant increase in the level of satisfaction of road users. The innovation technology of basalt fibers application in road construction is supported by many years of research and ongoing projects (for example — asphalt pavement on the Cherkasy bridge and many others).

We thank GosdorNII for the trust and high opinion of our products. There is a deep conviction that the promotion of basalt reinforcement technologies will have a positive impact on the road industry of Ukraine.