Basalt composite materials at the Kompozyt Expo 2017

Oct 14, 2017 | News

Technobasalt-Invest LLC has visited the 8th International Composite Materials Exhibition KOMPOZYT-EXPO®, which took place in the exhibition hall EXPO Krakow, Poland, from October 11 to October 12, 2017.

The main participants of the exhibition KOMPOZYT-EXPO® were leading experts of enterprises and organizations of the automotive, shipbuilding, car building, chemical and mining industries, glass and ceramics, engineering, research and foreign economic spheres, construction, and other industrial enterprises and educational institutions.

The exhibitors showed great interest in the use of basalt products, namely basalt fiber, basalt roving and basalt reinforcement. Visiting the exhibition contributed to the establishment of new business contacts and partnerships, the exchange of scientific and technical information, which promotes the development and expansion of the use of innovative production technologies and the introduction of composite materials.