Granary with a total area of 8132 m² in Mykolaiv city.

Technical task:

– increase the concrete grade;

– provide resistance to ultra-high loads;

– ensure the stability of concrete to the appearance of microcracks;

– guarantee the extension of the overhaul period.

Products used: 8 mm and 12 mm basalt rebar (ANPB-8-12000, ANPB-12-12000), basalt chopped fiber 24 mm (RBR-18-T10/24).

Basalt rebar was used in the construction of walls, foundations and floors. The concrete, that was used for construction, was reinforced with basalt fiber.

The tasks assigned to the designers were fully carried out through the use of basalt products, in addition, 18% of the economical effect was achieved. Significant savings were in transportation, handling, welding and, of course, on the materials themselves.