Industrial floor reinforcement for roshen diary factory

Project: Vinnytsya dairy plant “Roshen” (industrial floors) Technical task: to increase the strength of concrete, to eliminate the micro cracks formation. Used products: RBR-18-T10/12

Helipad on a park alley in Kyiv, Ukraine

Technical task – to improve the crack resistance and strength of concrete, which will be used in the construction of the helipad. Products used – basalt fiber (RBR-18-T10 / 24) The result of fiber application is a strong concrete, resistant to cracking, abrasion, temperature differences, aggressive compounds.

Garden furniture manufacturing with basalt roving

Furniture for garden use (made by our Estonian partners) The technical task is to find a durable material that will replace artificial rattan and will be suitable for the manufacture of modern and unique furniture. The products used are basalt roving (RB-16-T5/2400). As a result of the basalt fiber use we managed to get the […]

Reinforcing industrial floors in a poultry farm in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

MIRONIVSKY HLIBOPRODUCT “Vinnytsia broiler” while preparing the premises of a poultry farm in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia region, reinforced industrial shops in quick-freezing chambers, poultry slaughterhouses and poultry shops with basalt fiber.

Production of mufflers with basalt fiber

Production of mufflers with basalt fiber by Ukrainian companies. Technical requirement: extend the service life of the mufflers. Product used – basalt fiber The use of basalt fiber, which is resistant to high temperatures and can withstand temperatures of up to +680 ° C, does not burn out and has a high density in the […]

Reinforcement of brake systems by ukrainian and foreign companies

In view of the ban on asbestos-containing products in the EU countries, there is a sharp question about its replacement with material that has similar characteristics in operation. Basalt fiber is an environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic product that does not require disposal. In turn it. It has proven to be better than fiberglass in many […]

Fiber and roving reinforced fireproof cement products produced by our austrian partners

Fiber and roving reinforced fireproof cement products produced by our Austrian partners. Technical request: Improve the resistance of concrete to extremely high temperatures. The products used is basalt fiber (RBR-18 T10/12), basalt roving (RB-16-T5/1200, RB-16-T5/2400).

Reconstruction of the bridge through the Dnipro river in Ukraine

Reconstruction of the bridge across the Dniper river in Cherkasy region Technical task: – to replace old asphalt pavement with new one using technologies that will improve the physical properties of asphalt concrete and increase the repair period Products used – Basalt Fiber (RBR-18-T16/5)

Manufacturing of ribbed panels for subways and railway stations, Poland

Manufacturing of ribbed panels for subways and railway stations, Poland Specification: – reducing of the materials cost when receiving the same technical characteristics of the finished product. Products used – Basalt Fiber (RBR-18-T10 / 12) Adding of basalt fiber gave a possibility to reduce the thickness of the plate from 40 mm to 20 mm, […]

Aivazovsky healthcare center construction using basalt materials in crimea, ukraine

Aivazovsky Medical and Health Complex in Crimea Technical task: – the use of materials that will guarantee the construction of a strong and durable construction Products used in the project: basalt rebar (ANPB-8-12000) and basalt fiber (RBR-18-T10/24). Due to the fact that the basalt reinforcement is dielectric (i.e. it is not exposed to the negative […]