Basalt fiber composites usage

Basalt fiber composites usage What do you know about basalt fiber? About its characteristics, or spheres of usage? Basalt fiber composites are relatively new and because of this are less credible compared to steel or glass “traditional” materials. Despite this, the popularity and demand for composite basalt material are growing dynamically. Basalt fiber reinforcement has […]

Are composite materials sustainable?

Are composite materials sustainable? Table of content: Composite materials: the manufacturing process and fiber-reinforced composites Where to use it? Composite materials application  Conclusion. Are composite materials reliable?  Sustainability of materials plays an important role for many people. This point becomes one of the main in the process of selection because it involves reliability and the […]

How to make reinforced concrete?

How to make reinforced concrete? Table of content: Advantages of reinforced concrete Basalt fiber reinforced concrete How to make reinforced concrete   There are many ways to use concrete in building projects. It makes from water and cement and uses for building motorways, runways, military installations, blocks, beams, pavements, etc. The type of concrete without […]

Basalt fiber

What is basalt fiber Basalt fiber – is a raw material produced from natural volcanic rock. Tech properties of this material providing high chemical and thermal stability. This material stands out for its strength, which is much higher than other kinds of natural fiber and synthetic fiber.  There are different ways of using basalt rock […]

Fiberglass VS Basalt Fiber composites

Fiberglass VS Basalt Fiber composites Table of contents: Fiberglass VS Basalt Fiber composites Properties and alternatives   Comparison of fiber composites Basalt fiber is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt. It usually used at different manufacturing processes and industries. It can also be used as a composite to produce various products, like basalt fiber panels, basalt fiber […]

Basalt fiber in the automotive industry

Basalt fiber in the automotive industry Basalt fiber is well-known composite material used by big automotive companies for the manufacturing of auto parts such as sound absorption systems and insulation panels. Basalt Fiber is ecologically safe and noсcarcinogenic product that does not require a hard recycling process. It also had shown better quality than glass […]

Basalt fiber vs Steel fiber

Basalt fiber vs Steel fiber Table of content: Comparison of Basalt fiber reinforced cement and Steel fiber reinforced cement  Technical properties, advantages and disadvantages Application of basalt and steel fiber reinforced concrete Steel fiber was a very common building material for a long time. It was used for manufacturing different composites. But not so long […]

Basalt fiber vs Carbon Fiber

Basalt fiber compare to Carbon fiber: What is better? “How to choose fiber-based composite material?” is a common question between builders and building companies. The characteristics of basalt rock and carbon materials are similar, but not the same. There are many points of view on the topic “What is better: carbon fiber composite or basalt […]

Building material suppliers 2020

Building material suppliers 2020. How to find building material suppliers?  Our world has many opportunities for different people. This is not so easy to find good building material suppliers, because it is difficult to check the quality of building materials. Especially, if there are innovative building materials or composite materials. Therefore we prepared information about […]

How to use basalt fiber

How to use basalt fiber? Basalt fiber for roofing, boat building, basalt dome and other ways of using this eco-building material. Basalt fiber is undervalued building material. Nowadays it becomes popular in the building world. More often you can find opportunities to buy basalt fiber wholesale. Because there are different ways of using basalt rock […]