Building material suppliers 2020. How to find building material suppliers? 

Our world has many opportunities for different people. This is not so easy to find good building material suppliers, because it is difficult to check the quality of building materials. Especially, if there are innovative building materials or composite materials. Therefore we prepared information about the best building material suppliers 2020 for you.

Where can you buy building materials? ​

  1.  Technobasalt-Invest


A world-leading manufacturer of continuous basalt fibers and basalt fiber-based products. Basalt fiber is a widely used building material. There are different ways of using it. For example, you can use it for strengthening concrete reinforcement, roads, bridges, etc.

 In contradiction to well-known glass or carbon fiber, basalt fiber makes materials stronger and long-term. There are different kinds of basalt fiber-based products such as basalt roving, basalt fabric, or basalt rebar.

 It`s very important for basalt fiber manufacturers, to have proofs of quality of building supplies. Technobasalt follows all quality requests and documents. Thanks for that you don’t need to worry about this.

 2. CRM

Cement is a very popular material in the building industry. It uses in different branches and because of this is highly demanded between customers.

CRM Ukraine produces eco-building supplies. They make cement by the dry method, which is safe for human health and nature. High-quality cement in combination with basalt fiber (that makes it stronger) can create long-term buildings. It is profitable to use them together.

3. «KMK Group Ukraine»

Group of companies that presents different building materials. There you can find building materials manufacturers that use eco-friendly methods. Innovative technologies, local manufacture, and high standards – create good and cheap products that will be appreciated by customers.

4. GAF

 Roofing manufacturer and supplier based in North America. There you can find PVC Roofing Systems, fiber-cement siding, and other materials and constructions for roofs. Wide assortment, wholesale opportunities, cheap prices make it favorable to find good retail and wholesale roofing supplier.

5. American Hydrotech, Inc.

The leader in the development and production of premium waterproofing and roofing products. The company intently looking for the quality of the product. Hydrotech assortment includes different additional products and assemblies.


We covered the leading building material suppliers from different areas. So, we hope that after this article you won’t have questions about wholesale and retail building material suppliers and high-quality building materials. If you need a reliable supplier of basalt composite materials, contact our sales department at to get details regarding the price and other documents.