What is basalt fiber

Basalt fiber – is a raw material produced from natural volcanic rock. Tech properties of this material providing high chemical and thermal stability. This material stands out for its strength, which is much higher than other kinds of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. 

There are different ways of using basalt rock fiber. However, the low price gives more possibilities for testing basalt fiber production. Because of it’s growing popularity it uses wider in the building world. More often you can find opportunities to buy basalt fiber wholesale. 

Basalt fiber technical characteristics and properties allow replacing high strength glass, silica, chemical resistant glass, and other special fibers in many applications. Chemical and physical properties make this material one of the best for any applications. Because of this basalt fibre has several advantages of using it in different applications. Basalt fiber is an innovative and multifunctional material, which can be used in different areas such as the engineering, construction sector, the automotive sector, chemical and oil processing industry, the electronic sector, etc. It can also be used as a composite to produce various products, like basalt fiber panels, basalt fiber mesh, basalt rebar, and even basalt cloth. Much more applications you can check there


Why basalt fiber instead of glass, carbon, or steel fibers?

One of the main benefits of using basalt material is its environmental friendliness. Basalt fiber is eco-building material that is easy to recycle because of its natural origin. It is also not harmful to human health. This is very important in making high-quality products at a low price.

It is notable that e.g. carbon fiber and its composite materials of other kinds of fiber are not easy to recycle. It can cause environmental pollution and be wrong for our environment. In this question, basalt fiber is better because basalt rock is a natural organic material that does not harm nature and can be easily recycled.

Besides, its elastic modulus is similar to that of carbon fiber (which has a much higher price) and also higher than that of other fibers.

Tensile and compressive strength of basalt fiber is more profitable because of  20% higher mechanical properties in comparison with glass fiber. It helps to improve the toughness of concrete and make it more straight. It also provides the long term using basalt fiber composites and its applications.

It is very important to follow all manufacturing requirements to create a high-quality building material and product that will be used for a long time. Our company has all documents that prove the quality and safety of using our basalt fiber.


Advantages of using basalt fiber

Basalt fiber is waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant. It is an advantage between different kinds of fiber because it expands the list of basalt fiber using allows to use its composites in different ways. For example, fireproof composites can be used in mechanical engineering, the automobile industry, aircraft building, and other manufactures. Fire retardants act to slow composite decomposition, heat release, and flame spread.

Not unimportant is the point of price. Basalt fiber has a relatively low price in comparison with, for example, carbon fiber. But even if the cost is the same, basalt fiber has more technical properties that provide high quality at a lower price. In this way, you can spend less money but c create good building projects for your customers. It is very profitable and comfortable because of the multi-functionality and opportunity of using different applications.

There are many basalt fiber applications nowadays. You can find different ways of using this building material. Below you can see more accurate characteristics, technical benefits, control methods, various applications, and spheres of use.