Basalt fiber in the automotive industry

Basalt fiber is well-known composite material used by big automotive companies for the manufacturing of auto parts such as sound absorption systems and insulation panels. Basalt Fiber is ecologically safe and noсcarcinogenic product that does not require a hard recycling process. It also had shown better quality than glass fiber in many applications. 

Main advantages of using basalt fiber in the automotive industry:

  1. Incombustible material that does not emit harmful substances and can be used up to the temperature of 600-700 °С.
  2. Low water absorbency – 6-8 times lower than fiberglass. These materials are traditionally used in applications that require low specific gravity and low water absorbency.
  3. High durability and product life. Formed plastics and bars reinforced by basalt fiber have minimum fatigue damage at alternating loads.
  4. High compatibility with other materials: metals, plastics, resins. This opens a good perspective in producing different composite materials: cellular constructions, fiber-reinforced plastics, insulation and protection surfaces, etc.

Major usage areas for basalt fiber in the automobile industry:

  1. Composite materials and parts made of continuous fibers and reinforcing fabrics. These materials are used for the manufacture of outer parts of an automobile such as bumpers or fairings, elements of inner finishing of an automobile cabin such as front panel, decorative panels of the cabin, protective elements of the automobile body, bottoms of a vehicle, wheel protection of construction elements. There is a practical experience of using fiber-based composite materials to make vehicle fenders. Moreover, vehicles have been produced, the bodies of which are completely made of fiber-based composite materials.
  2. Thermal and sound insulating materials. Materials for thermal and sound insulation of a vehicle cabin, engine, and muffler.
  3. Special application materials. Reinforcing materials for the production of brake pads and friction discs (clutch discs). Materials for the production of sealing fillers for engines and mufflers.
  4. Reinforcement of outer covers (tires) of wheels by continuous basalt fibers and bands.


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