Basalt fiber composites usage

What do you know about basalt fiber? About its characteristics, or spheres of usage? Basalt fiber composites are relatively new and because of this are less credible compared to steel or glass “traditional” materials. Despite this, the popularity and demand for composite basalt material are growing dynamically. Basalt fiber reinforcement has excellent technical characteristics and already applies in different spheres, and even with an aggressive environment. For years of working with basalt fiber material, our company had many clients that applied basalt fiber in a wide range of industries. Generally, all of them have similar leading goals: increasing the strength,  preventing cracks in screeds, extending the service life, and reduction in production costs. Applying a basalt fiber composites meets these needs effectively.

Basalt reinforcement is a unique product to be used in works on soil and elastic base, in hard-to-reach places and environmentally vulnerable regions, where it is undesirable to deliver heavy equipment, in buildings where it is planned to place electromagnetic and electrical equipment.

In this article, we have collected the most interesting ways to use basalt fiber from our partners to show that basalt fiber is a really universal material and expounds on how harsh conditions can withstand basalt fiber material. So, let’s start!

Brake systems reinforcement

Brake systems reinforcement

Foreign manufacturers needed to replace asbestos in brake pads because this material is prohibited in the world. The use of basalt fiber has allowed manufacturers not only to replace asbestos and maintain the technical characteristics of the product but also to extend the service life by 1.8 – 2 times. Using basalt fiber reinforcement is very profitable. It makes the service life of objects longer, improves shock resistance, creates a chemical-aggressive environment resistance, and stays environmentally friendly. It also has an extended range of working temperatures, a higher and more stable coefficient of friction (including friction contact with metal), and all this at a relatively low price. The best value for money, in general.

Reinforcement of industrial floors with extremely low temperatures  

concrete reinforcement with basalt fiber

The company “Vinnytsia broiler” needed a reinforcing material for industrial floors in quick-freezing chambers. The specificity was in hash terms that excluded the possibility of using steel, glass, or carbon reinforcement. In conditions of low temperatures in quick-freezing chambers, numerous freeze-thaw cycles; an aggressive environment in slaughterhouses, and poultry shops these traditional materials would be ineffective. That’s why basalt fiber was the best choice. Using basalt fiber, gave a possibility to prevent the appearance of microcracks, extending the service life of the structure, and saving on repair work. Worth noticing an ability to withstand constant temperature drops from extremely low to usual and conversely. Besides designers used the best technologies to minimize the cost of repairs, as well as to extend the maintenance period.

Manufacturing of ribbed panels for subways and railway stations

Manufacturing of ribbed panels for subways

One Poland company wanted to reduce the materials cost but save the technical characteristics of the finished product. They decided to add basalt fiber to composites and thereby reduce the thickness of the plate from 40 mm to 20 mm, while the strength of the finished product remained unchanged.

Adding basalt fiber also gives an opportunity to create different designs and shapes. It can be as thick as you need without missing the quality but with receiving the same technical characteristics of the finished product. As a result, the cost is reducing but quality and design opportunities grow up. 

Furniture for garden use 

furniture for gardens use

Continuing the theme of design we can say that basalt fiber can be used not only in the building industry. It also wonderfully fits at the decorative products sphere. Our Estonian partners are looking for material that will replace artificial rattan. The main request for the material was about the suitability of the manufacture of modern and unique furniture. As a result, the furniture has a nice look, durable, and resistant to environmental conditions.

Concrete resistance improvement due to extremely high temperatures

Our Austrian partners needed to improve the resistance of concrete to extremely high temperatures. Considering that the operating temperature range of basalt fiber is from -260 C to + 680 C, in short-term basalt fiber withstands up to +1000 C it was a good decision to implement it. 

Basalt fiber in concrete products improves both crack resistance, toughness, and ultra-high temperature resistance.

Adding fiber also makes it possible to increase the productivity of the enterprise by faster maturing of the concrete elements ( 30% time reducing).

Repair work at National Radioactive Waste Storage Facility 


Considering how serious and harm is an environment, the building object requested high-quality materials resistant to aggressive environments which will guarantee a long service life of the facility without additional repairs.  Basalt fiber guaranteed the elimination of shrinkage microcracks, increased the tensile and compressive strength of the concrete mixture.

It also provided the economic effect by reducing the rebound of the spraying mixture from the surface, which contributed to the rational use of the material without additional costs (cement, plaster mesh, etc.)


As you can see, basalt fiber composites have a really wide list of applications and every company can apply it according to its requirements. We have partners from different industries that help us to implement basalt fiber products everywhere they want, and we, in turn, provide a high quality of creating products.    

“We have used basalt fibres from Technobasalt-Invest LLC Ukraine for the past several years with great success in our UHPC and FRC concrete mixtures. Their basalt is of high quality and consistent, which ensures the quality of our final products. We have completed many iconic projects using Technobasalt fibers.

The technical service and after-sales service we receive is always excellent and I have no hesitation in highly recommend their company and products as first-class vendors.” – write our partner Charles Phelines from White Cube Holdings.

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