Basalt fiber-based products

Basalt fiber composites application

Basalt fiber is a multifunctional building material. There are many ways of using this material. Basalt fiber-based products have good tech characteristics for using it both at large manufacturing processes and for making different details such as filters, high-pressure balloons, artificial rattan furniture, and others.

Technical advantages of using basalt fiber-based products:

  1. Ability to filtrate aggressive environments;
  2. Water-resistance (waterproof);
  3. Corrosion resistance;
  4. Good adhesion to metals, epoxies, and glues;
  5. Thermal, electric and acoustic insulation properties;
  6. No toxic reaction with air or water;
  7. Explosion-proof;
  8. Non-combustible (fireproof);

Thanks to excellent technical properties, the basalt fiber material is widely using in the production of different composites.

Basalt fiber-based building composite materials

Basalt fiber mesh geo-grid

  • Stronger than steel wire of comparable size
  • Simple in using and installing 
  • No rusting
  • No corrosion
  • No causing the cracking of the concrete
  •  Flexible for easier design
  •  Not conduct electricity
  • Not induce electric fields
  • Good adhesion with both asphalt and concrete

Basalt fiber mesh geo-grid applications:

  • concrete reinforcement;
  • covering in construction; 
  • the reconstruction and repair of airport runways, highways, pavements, pedestrian ways, road inclines, and banks.

Reinforcement with basalt mesh Geo-grid increases the overall reliability, safety, and cutting process output. The strength of basalt mesh is as good as metal reinforcement, however, it is also 2.6 times lighter, that makes transportation more simple and handling in construction.

Basalt Geo-grid Mesh has more profitable characteristics than steel and glass-fiber reinforcement. In this video, you can see using basalt mesh and basalt rebar in reinforcement and thin concrete construction.

Basalt Rebar

Basalt rebar is non-metallic reinforcement rods with continuous spiral ribbing formed by means of winding by basalt strip oiled in the highly durable polymeric compounds. Its application is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to steel reinforcement. It’s very profitable to use this composite material because of the absence of reaction to close proximity of chemicals, acid, and alkaline. This point also will replace the necessity to utilize epoxy coated or galvanized rebar, neither options being fail-safe or stainless steel which is even more expensive than basalt rebar.

Advantages of using basalt rebar composite instead of glass or steel:

  • Stronger than fiberglass rebar (the tensile strength of continuous basalt fibers is about twice that of E-glass fibers and the modulus of elasticity is about 15-30% higher);
  • Stronger than steel rebar (basalt rebar provides high tensile strength.  Basalt rebar is about 2.5 times stronger (tensile strength) than series 60 steel rebar of the same diameter);
  • Non-toxic (basalt rebar is eco-building material.  It is also completely inert.  The manufacturing process creates no environmental waste and it is non-toxic in use or recycling);
  • Can be used in thermal breaks (for implementing things such as thermally isolated balconies, basalt rebar allows the balconies to be structurally attached without heat loss from the internal building structure);
  • Does not conduct electrically (basalt fibers have good insulating characteristics);
  • Thermal expansion coefficient similar to concrete (the thermal expansion coefficient is very close to that of concrete (whereas steel is very different).  This avoids concrete cracking);
  • Lighter weight than steel (basalt rebar is about a third of the weight of steel and given that it is 2.5 times stronger than steel, then its strength to weight ratio is 7.5 times better.  This makes it far easier to use and less expensive to ship).

Basalt rebars composite application

  • Roads
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Asphalt concrete roads, bridges, pads
  • Screeds
  • Dry mix
  • Industrial Floor
  • Construction Products
  • Geo foam and per lite concrete products
  • Foundations and walls
  • Wall plugs
  • Coastline reinforcement
  • Reconstruction of historical sites

Basalt roving

Basalt roving material is a bundle of continuous mono-directional complex basalt fibers. 

Basalt roving has many properties. It is as good as carbon or E-glass material. Its tech characteristics show the advantages of using basalt roving composite instead of other materials such as steel, carbon, or glass.

  • High mechanical strength, corrosion and chemical resistance to alkali and other aggressive environments;
  • High frost resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance;
  • Sound absorption;
  • Ability to filtrate aggressive substances;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Resistance to salty seawater (good for boat building)
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Dielectric character;
  • Eco-friendliness;

Applications of basalt roving

The main applications of basalt roving building material and basalt composites include aerospace, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical and oil industry, automotive,  electronics, public utilities, energy production, manufacture of composite building materials:

  • Plastic tubes (winding)
  • Spray application
  • Refractory bricks and blocks
  • Pultruded products
  • Basalt Fabrics
  • Plaster Mesh
  • Geogrid
  • Car bodies & headliners
  • High-pressure ballons
  • Artificial rattan furniture
  • Wind Turbine Blades

Basalt roving also using for building eco-shells. This video is showing the process of building the Roving Dome.


Basalt fiber-based composite products have different ways of using. We can found the application of this building material in different manufacturing spheres. There are various kinds of basalt fiber-based composites such as basalt roving, basalt rebar, basalt fiber mesh geo-grid which have good technical characteristics that are better than glass, carbon, or steel. It allows creating building projects oh a high level.


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