Concrete-reinforcement products:


Concrete Reinforcement

Cement-concrete reinforcement is carried out by using Basalt Fiber (Chopped Strands) and Basalt Rebar. Basalt fiber is added to the concrete mixture at the mixing step and provides disperse reinforcement. The Basalt rebar of a non-metal composite periodical profile is used in the same way as a steel rebar and provides discrete reinforcement of the structure.

Advantages of cement-concrete constructions and products made with the use of Basalt fibers and rebar:

  • Increase of durability and stability to cracks formation in structures and products;
  • Increased corrosion resistance, which ensures reliability in aggressive environments;
  • Increased concrete strength on bending and compression;
  • Increased frost resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and sound absorption of concrete and precast structures;
  • Elimination of microcracks and increase of seismic resistance;
  • High index of adhesion of Basalt materials with concrete and synergy with concrete components;
  • Economic efficiency;
  • Radioparency and dielectricity of Basalt-reinforced concrete structures;
  • Natural origin and environmental friendliness of Basalt material.